Welcome to Race Around The World

Be Ready

This is where the game starts. Click to enter the meeting.

Break-out Rooms

The game will start in the main room. You can click the button above to enter the meeting. During the game, the game host will tell you which break-out room you need to go to. Once you know your room, you can click on the right button below. 

How to prepare for the game?

Make sure you download the app and the game before we start in the main room.  

Download the APP

Download the Go Team app from the app store or play store and allow permissions when opening the app. 

Download the game

Use the QR scanner inside the app to download the game. Click on the top right icon (square next to the magnifying glass) .  

Scan the QR-Code

If the game has been downloaded onto your devive you can click start. You can then enter your name and take an adventurous selfie. After that the game asks a password that you have to enter in-order to participate. This password will be given during the presentation

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